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The visual arts standards are designed to teach first an active participation in the creation of artwork. The Core then provides the opportunity to learn the other significant attributes of art such as aesthetics and the relationship of art to other learning. The four standards are laid out in a sequence that suggests an increasing level of difficulty in skill and knowledge. The first standard deals with the use of art tools, materials, and processes. To be successful in an art program, a student must gain a degree of control and a measure of confidence with art materials and techniques. The second standard is concerned with students looking to significant works of art to recognize the elements and principles, and, once having seen how they function in those masterful pieces, the students use complex thinking to apply them in their own art. The third standard brings the students an understanding of the content and aesthetics of artwork as they are led to effectively communicate by expressing meanings, ideas, and stories through art elements and principles and a variety of art materials. The fourth standard stages activities that give the students a personal sense of visual arts heritage and responsible citizenship in the arts as well as using their art skills in a collaborative mode to develop and enhance all learning.
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