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Alright. This link list is divided into several sections. The first has been dedicated to educational links. These links will direct students, parents and teachers to local and state governed educational sites. Following "educational" links are student life links. These pointers may assist students in various projects and homework assignments. Pretty much the fun list (or...I'm bored list) contains links that cannot or choose not to be classified. Confetti links range from open space development to hometown optometry.
Fossil Ridge Intermediate School FRIS

Washington County School District WCSD

Utah Department of Education USOE

Utah Education Network UEN

But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Utah Shakesearean Festival

Do you like to tell stories? Timpanogos Storytelling Festival

Broadway in the Desert Tuacahn Amphitheater Center for the Arts

Massive list of comprehensive theater terms Wikipedia - Theater Terms

Huge list of theater games Creative Drama Games

All about color theory and the color wheel Color Matters

Color scheme and pallet generator Scheme Generator

Spin Wheel web color putter togetherer Web Wheel

History and overview of color theory Color Theory Tutorial

Deep lessons of color mixing, value, and history Wet Canvas

Elements of Art - Line Overview Brigantine

Exploring the world of art and artists Stanford Study Art

Basic HTML Tutorial W3 Schools

Our 2007 Yearbook Publisher Herff Jones

Competing Publisher site Lifetouch

Direct Link to our newsletter PDF "Written in Stone"

School website managed by Publishing Arts students FRIS

Open Source Web Design OSWD

My buddy, Mike Winslow's website Mike

Brother in Law, Dr. Nathan Kohler -BETA- Kohler & Sparks

Movie Trailers - coming soon to a theater near you! Quicktime